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Selebgram Lisa dari California

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Hi Balties, kali ini menampilkan seorang salebgram yang berasal dari California, bernama Lisa seorang blogger dengan followers 74K. Balties bisa nge-follow instagramnya @mustangsallytwo. 

Kami kutip salah satu kalimat dari Lisa sendiri.

Mine is definitely when I threw out my scale and stopped obessing over losing weight. For most of my life I was convinced that if I was thin life would be perfect - I would fine love, have a great circle of friends, my family would be proud and I would be even more successful in my career. The problem was that I wasn't living my life while I tired to reach this elusive goal. And I did horrible things to my body in my attempts to get there. When I had lap band surgery and I stuffered some complications and it stopped working I was devastated. But when I sat back and said at almost 40 years old enough was enough, that is cwhen I truly started living. Now I couldn't be happier and I have experienced all the things I longed for and so much more. I am doing things I never imagined doing even if I was  thin and I have set new goals. And let me tell you I have one bad ass group of friends now! So don't hold back, don't wait, live your life now, trust me you won't regre it.


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